Future Fashion

1. "Smart Cloth" with built in monitors protect their weavers from diseases and enhance their fitness, pharmaceutical companies are competing with te fashion Industry.

2. We care for cloth...using community laundries....One cup of water washing machine....."make do amd mend" is taught in school.

3. High energy prices make cloths that create their own energy increasing popular solar cell can be fitted on to jacket to power mobile phones.

4. Climate change & resource Shortage......... "Reuse" we sell them back for reuse to boost our income.

Second hand clothing become a valuable resource....nothing is disposal.

5. Using 3D body scanners that allows people to try on cloths in virtual mirrors and on interactive screen.

6. Smart Nano Technology,

Bamboo in Asia,

Wool in Australia,

Flux in India.

7. Choice of color is limited to same water & energy in Dyeing.

Example: this T shirt is on color no.08 today.

8. Brand provided post purchage services. Allowing owners to customise their clothing to follow local trends.

9. Resource shortage have driven innovation cloths can be grown from bacteria celulose and self-clening coating do away with the need to wash cloth.

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