Apparel Production Planning & Control

Garment Production System















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Production Planning and Control















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PPC Department in Apparel Manufacturing














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Lean Manufacturing















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Lean Manufacturing Process in Garments Production














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Apparel Production















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Fashion & Textile Orientation

Economic Importance of Fashion Business














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Indian Apparel In Overseas Market















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International fashion















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Market Segmentation















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Garment Accessories/Trims















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 Indian Apparel Industry















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Design Process

Design Inspiration















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Research Direction















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Fashion Forecasting















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Creativity, Innovation and Invention















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Brand study















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Design Collection















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Graphics Design

How to Build Brand Identity















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Brand Identity -Brand Personality and Positioning













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Fashion Accessories
















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Hand Bags














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Hosiery and knits














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Belts, Gloves, Hats and Scarves















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Patterns Making

Skirts/Circles and Cascades















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Project Presentation and Others

Retail Operation in Madura  Garments with Special Reference to Louis Philippe














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Karl Otto Lagerfeld















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Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine
















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Fashion forecaste

Fashion Forecaste














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Design Direction ss-13














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Issues with Indian textile industry















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